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The Healthy Start System™

Does your child’s snoring sound like a freight train? Are you concerned that a recent diagnosis of ADD or ADHD may be inaccurate, or that his or her thumb sucking will cause permanent issues? Is your child troubled by bed wetting, overly tired in the morning, challenged in school or has allergies? All of these could be signs your child has Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB).

Sleep Disordered Breathing is an all-inclusive term for breathing difficulties, ranging from quiet snoring to severe airway obstruction during sleep. When your child’s breathing is disrupted, his or her body recognizes the disruption as choking, therefore, slowing the heart rate, raising the blood pressure, arousing the brain, and disrupting sleep, which impacts your child’s dental and overall health.


Benefits of the Healthy Start System

Dr. Don Crow and his team are committed to offering an underutilized treatment alternative.  This treatment has proven long term benefits that could change your child’s future health and quality of life.

  1. You achieve a healthy smile with an appliance that works better than braces, plastic aligners, or surgery.
  2. You prevent crooked teeth with gentle treatments versus correcting crooked teeth.
  3. You can use Healthy Start at any age, preferably starting as early as 3 years old.
  4. You achieve permanent results with no relapse.
  5. You experience no discomfort.
  6. You use a FDA approved appliance that is safe and natural.
  7. You achieve faster results than with traditional orthodontics.
  8. You invest half the fee of traditional orthodontics.

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