Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Everett

Dental lasers have greatly improved the quality of our dental care. Were you aware we have three different ones?

As many of our patients have experienced, one of our lasers the Waterlase MD has allowed us to treat many decayed teeth without shots and with minimal use of the dental drill.

Our other laser, the EZlase has helped treat periodontal disease without expensive gum surgery or referral to a specialist.

Our diagnostic laser, the Diagnodent, helps us conserve our patients healthy tooth structure by detecting small cavities before they can be detected on x-rays.

Laser treatments and diagnoses are simply amazing and we are proud to be one of fewer than 5% of dental teams in the country using these technologies. We now utilize lasers in over 15 different procedures from teeth desensitizing, to extractions, to treatment of cold sores or excision of tissue.

Are we bragging? We certainly are. We hope to give you even more reasons to tell your friends and family to come see us.

No Shots? No drill? No scalpel? No sutures?

If the sound of a drill or an anesthetizing shot is not your thing, you will love Dr. Crow’s laser procedures.

Our Waterlase MD Laser removes tooth decay or old composite (tooth-colored) fillings quickly, quietly, and painlessly for a variety of dental procedures. Just think what no needles and an absolute minimum of drilling will mean at your next dental visit. As one of our new patients told us, she “will never go back to conventional dentistry!” We now perform many of our oral surgeries with assistance of this same laser. Whether the surgical removal of a tooth or excision of a lump, a laser has many advantages over conventional surgery using a scalpel.

Detect Cavities Years before Conventional Methods

Our diagnostic laser, the Diagnodent, is the greatest advance in dental diagnosis since the x-ray. This incredible laser can harmlessly detect very small cavities, possibly years before conventional x-rays would have found them. This tool fits perfectly with our philosophy of preventative and minimally invasive dentistry. This advanced technology helps to preserve a greater amount of your tooth structure by detecting dental decay before it progresses too far.

Laser Gum Treatment

Gum disease is one of the most common problems plaguing dental patients today. Laser gum treatment with the EZlase and ultrasonic scaling provide amazingly comfortable procedures by which we can treat most periodontal problems. The advantage of laser periodontal therapy is the precise removal of diseased, infected, and inflamed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket. This precision has allowed greater success in achieving gum reattachment and elimination of bleeding than with standard conventional therapy. Our laser certified hygiene team can provide gentle gum procedures to be completed without expensive gum surgery or the need to be referred to a Periodontal specialist. These conservative laser procedures result in little to no bleeding, infection, swelling or post-treatment discomfort.

Laser Treatment of Cold Sores and Canker Sores

Do you suffer from painful unsightly cold sores? Or canker sores? Have you found a successful remedy? Prescription and over the counter cold sore medications help many of us reduce the duration or pain of cold sores. For most of us these medications still do not prevent the outbreak of the sore and the resulting unsightly scab. Our Waterlase MD Laser, can not only take away the pain of a cold sore, but can often prevent the sore from appearing when we treat the affected area when tingling first occurs. When a sore has already started it can take away the pain instantly, and allow them to heal more quickly, usually within 48 hours. When the tingling of your next cold sore starts, call us right away. We will try to accommodate you immediately to see how effective this treatment will be for you. If painful reoccurring canker sores are a problem for you. Our Waterlase MD will instantly take away the pain with what we call a laser bandage. This will decrease the duration that the lesion is present and enable you to eat normally, without pain.

Do Dental Laser Treatments Cost More?

A number of people wonder if, because of all the benefits, laser treatments cost more than conventional treatments. The answer is, no, they don’t. Lasers provide a more precise way of performing traditional dental treatments, in a way that is easier and more comfortable for you. Some laser therapies however are not a covered benefit by insurance. We will be happy to review all costs of treatment with you at your appointment.

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