Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Deep Bleaching™

The Most Effective Bleaching Technique Ever!

For years, there have been two problems that have challenged and frustrated both dentists and patients about teeth bleaching:

•The extreme unpredictability of teeth bleaching
•The acute sensitivity it can cause to many during the bleaching process

A bleaching technique may work well on one person, and virtually not work at all on the very next person. And many times when it does seem to work, it just doesn’t last very long. And it can be downright painful during, and for a short time after, bleaching.

A recently developed technique named “Deep Bleaching™” is now recognized all over the world as the most effective whitening technique ever. It was invented invented by Dr. Rod Kurthy. The technique is so effective that it will even whiten tetracycline discolored teeth–which were previously thought to be impossible to bleach– in a short time. Dentistry has tried to achieve this for over 35 years, and now Dr. Kurthy has discovered the secret. Just imagine getting your teeth MUCH whiter, and having it last for your ENTIRE life! With very simple periodic maintenance at home, the results are entirely permanent.

Solving the Problem of Sensitive Teeth

But this still left the second challenge for patients and dentists – tooth sensitivity. In January of 2006, Dr. Kurthy unveiled his techniques to eliminate the acute sensitivity that many patients experience during bleaching. So if you have been frustrated with bleaching results in the past, or have been unable to bleach due to acute sensitivity during bleaching…well, you don’t have to put it off anymore.

Deep Bleaching™ Success

Many – probably most – people are dying to have teeth the color of the shades in the bleaching shade guide. But some patients are unsure if they even WANT teeth this light. We can bleach without going this white. But often, those same patients who originally tell us that they don’t want teeth that are “too white” end up being the patients who ask me if we can go even WHITER.

Tetracycline Stain

And now here’s a tetracycline stained case. This very nice gal grew up with these dark-banded teeth for her entire life, embarrassed of her smile. Well, she doesn’t have to be embarrassed anymore!

Think you’re too old to bleach your teeth? This woman is in her mid 70’s:

You may be wondering how we do this. Well, it involves two in-office sessions of bleaching (the first one we call the “conditioning visit”), and the wearing of very special bleaching trays while you sleep for several consecutive nights in-between the two in-office sessions.

Don’t worry, these bleaching trays you wear are not like any you’ve ever tried-they fit impeccably well and compress against the tooth right up next to the gumline. This causes a seal, which keeps the special bleaching gel sealed in the tray, so there is no swallowing of the yucky bleach. The bleaching goes deeper, and deeper and deeper during the night while you sleep (therefore “deep” bleaching). This is what allows the final bleaching visit in our office to skyrocket the color of the teeth. And comfort? Just LOOK at how comfortable these trays are in the photo below. Everyone tells us that they’re so comfortable, that you virtually can’t even feel them in place.

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