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Restorative Dentistry

Giving your smile a second chance.

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Discover how Dr. Ryan and Megan Bond can restore your smile.
A young woman having a discussion with her dentist

Metal-Free Fillings

A young woman having a discussion with her dentist

When a tooth is at risk of losing some of its natural structure due to a cavity, your Everett dentists can intervene with metal-free fillings.

Our tooth-colored composite fillings use a natural-looking resin to fill your cavity and restore the integrity of your tooth. The fillings are also bonded to your natural tooth’s structure and shaped to blend in with your smile seamlessly. This treatment not only renews your tooth’s function, but it provides you with a beautiful and life-long restoration.


An older man smiling with dentures

If you’re missing some or all of your teeth, our experts can use dentures to give your smile a second chance.

We offer partial and complete dentures to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile’s function and beauty. Each of our dentures is custom-made to fit your unique smile and improve your oral health. Drs. Ryan and Megan Bond are also excited to offer implant-supported dentures to give you more stability and long-lasting health.

An older man smiling with dentures
A dentist checking a young woman's mouth


A dentist checking a young woman's mouth

If your tooth is severely decayed, broken, or it is compromising your oral health, then we may recommend an extraction.

In cases like this, our friendly and caring team offers you a fast, efficient, and virtually painless solution. We ensure you’ll feel nothing during the procedure and provide you with the after-care you need.

Before the extraction, we’ll always ensure you feel at ease and that you fully understand why the removal is necessary. We’ll then numb the area and gently remove your tooth while protecting the extraction site. Afterward, our team will provide you with all the information you need to find a suitable tooth replacement solution.

SomnoMed Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea

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Millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea but struggle to find a non-invasive, long-lasting solution – until now. The SomnoMed Oral Appliance is specially designed to prevent common symptoms while helping correct the causes of sleep apnea.

This premium appliance is an effective treatment alternative for those who suffer from snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Its innovative technology works by gently moving your jaw into a comfortable position, which prevents the collapse of your airway. The result? Improved health and a good night’s sleep.

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A woman undergoing an oral surgery

Oral Surgery

A woman undergoing an oral surgery

Our office provides several minimally-invasive oral surgical solutions, which care for every aspect of your dental health. Both Dr. Ryan and Megan Bond combine their years of expertise with our cutting-edge technology to evaluate whether oral surgery is the best option for you.

Our surgical services include dental implant placement, bone grafting, and extractions. Each of these is performed in our comfortable and relaxing environment using state-of-the-art dental techniques. If more complex surgery is required, we may refer to one of our selected local specialists.

Bone Grafting

Two dentists discussing some dental x-rays

When you lose one of your adult teeth, the bone around the affected area can start to erode. If left untreated, this can affect your oral health (i.e., teeth shifting or further tooth loss) and even facial structure.

If your jawbone has begun to reduce in size, bone grafting can create new bone cells. This new bone can build up your existing jawbone in the area where your tooth used to be. The outcome is a more stable environment that creates a solid foundation for a tooth replacement such as dental implants.

Two dentists discussing some dental x-rays

Implant Dentistry

Rediscover the joys of a complete smile.

The three different parts of a dental implant

As your Everett dentists, Drs. Megan and Ryan Bond offer a permanent solution for those with missing teeth. Our experts have found a unique restorative option in dental implants that blends in with your natural smile while protecting your future oral health. No wonder implants have quickly become the number one tooth replacement solution in the U.S!

Dental implants consist of a titanium post carefully placed into your jawbone using our CBCT technology and then topped with a custom restoration. Our team combines their skill and artistry to deliver an innovative implant experience that achieves beautiful smile results.

Crowns & Bridges

Protect or replace your natural teeth.
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Crowns and bridges are two of the most popular restorative dental procedures available today. With many years of experience under our belts, we are your go-to experts to perform these high-quality, proven restorations.

If you have a cracked, fractured, or decayed tooth, a dental crown could be the ideal option to protect and restore your compromised smile.

Dental bridges represent an excellent tooth replacement option that blends seamlessly into your smile.

Explore how these options could save your smile and protect your health.

A young man reclining in a dental chair

Bond Family Dentistry is the best place to go for your dental care. Great doctors, very professional and compassionate. Great experience with the hygienists and medical assistants as well, they are all very gentle and thorough!

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